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VD-HCBS 101 Call Materials

NRCPDS and Veteran Affairs Centeral Office
Call Materials
VD-HCBS 101, call materials, Veterans

The Veteran Affairs (VA) Central Office, along with the NRCPDS, holds Veteran-Directed Home and Community-Based Services (VD-HCBS) 101 Calls with VA Medical Centers (VAMCs) interested in the VD-HCBS program. VD-HCBS 101 calls materials include the VD-HCBS 101 Call slides, the VD-HCBS FMS Readiness Review, VAMC Getting Started FAQs, VD-HCBS Program Procedures, and the VD-HCBS Program Readiness Review.

If you’re interested in setting up a VD-HCBS 101 call, please email Patrick O’Keefe at


Available Files

  • VD-HCBS 101 Call Slides (27 pages - 1.89 MB) Download
  • VD-HCBS FMS Readiness Review (7 pages - 113.99 KB) Download
  • VD-HCBS Getting Started FAQs (4 pages - 368.42 KB) Download
  • VD-HCBS Program Procedures (7 pages - 92.56 KB) Download
  • VD-HCBS Program Readiness Review (7 pages - 112.17 KB) Download
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